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Hormones for health

Hormones are of vital importance for good health, both in men and women.


Fading but there’s thrills to be had on the Grand Bahama

Exploring Grand Bahama Island: Seeking adventure on a faded hot spot.


How safe is hot yoga?

Hot yoga – and hot barre and hot spinning classes – is a booming trend. But, how safe is it?


The spirituality of farming

Farming practices that encourage and nurture the human spirit.


Heart benefit revealed

Studies reveal that Coenzyme Q10 pills cut death rates among heart failure patients.


The Universe Versus Alex Woods

Unpredictable, genre-defying, multi-layered. And always entertaining.


Healing the Earth

Keeping the Earth healthy and productive keeps us healthy, too.


Vitamin D-fence

There have been a number of studies carried out in recent years on the benefits of vitamin D3 on a variety of conditions, such as cancer, heart health, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

Movie Review

The Purge

This violent low-budget thriller is poorly executed, but somehow gets you thinking about what it is trying to say.


Dealing with cracked heels

Dry skin due to loss of moisture, excessive prolonged pressure to the heel and medical conditions such as diabetes can lead to cracked heels.