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Food News 20 Aug 2019 | 11:48 AM

Talented home cooks could stand a chance to win a trip to South Korea by entering this K-food contest

Talented Malaysian home cooks could stand to win a cash prize and a trip to South Korea by entering the Hansik (K Food) contest organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea.

Asia & Oceania 18 Aug 2019 | 5:37 AM

You can find Japan's oldest mosque in Kobe

Japan’s first mosque still stands today in the quaint district of Kitano in Kobe.

Living 16 Aug 2019 | 7:00 AM

Hassle free healthy meals with Cubie Oven

With the latest version of Panasonic’s Cubie Oven (NU-SC300BMPQ), you do not have to sacrifice your time or health anymore, as it not only cooks faster than before but is also a healthy way of cooking too.

Food News 14 Aug 2019 | 6:48 AM

Malaysian biz My Plant Deli produces a range of totally vegan cheese

My Plant Deli makes a range of totally vegan cheese like mozzarella, brie, cheddar, gouda and cream cheese as well as vegan sausages and ice-cream.

Wellness 12 Aug 2019 | 6:00 AM

When it comes to smells, women have the nose for it

Believe it or not, there is a difference in the ability to pick up smells, whether sweet or smelly, between men and women.

Food News 10 Aug 2019 | 6:00 AM

Cooking The Books: Dhals, traditional delicacies and veggies

From Indian dhal and sweet nonya treats to meals for omnivores looking to become more herbivorous, there's plenty to inspire creativity in the kitchen in the books featured in the August edition of Cooking The Books.

Malaysia 09 Aug 2019 | 6:00 AM

Bridging the Orang Asli gap

The Orang Asli have much to offer to the tourism industry in Malaysia but first, some issues need to be addressed.

Nutrition 08 Aug 2019 | 7:00 AM

The benefits of home cooking

When it comes to providing your body with healthy nutrition, nothing beats cooking your own meals. Let’s see the Top 5 reasons homemade food is the better alternative.

Living 07 Aug 2019 | 7:00 AM

'Makan' and fun this Malaysia Day

Celebrating our 56th Malaysia Day with 'Makan Fun Run 3.0'.