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In twist, online streaming service Tidal sells Prince CDs

Is digital music making CDs obsolete? Not yet, says streaming service Tidal, which on Sept 14 started selling CDs of Prince’s new album.

CDs and DVDs can be easily recycled – if you dispose of them properly

As USB sticks and memory cards become ever more popular with users, CDs and DVDs are quickly being phased out. However, there's a better way to dispose of them than just the trash can.

Streaming, digital music revenues matched CDs for first time last year

Digital delivery of music caught up with physical formats like CDs as a money stream for the first time last year, the trade association IFPI said.

Rid of CDs, Starbucks teams up with Spotify

Months after ending its tradition of CD sales, coffee giant Starbucks confirmed the rapid growth of music streaming as it announced a partnership with Spotify.

Streaming revenue edges out CDs in US

Streaming has topped CD sales in revenue for the first time in the United States as music listeners flock to on-demand services and Internet radio, industry figures showed.

CD sales plummet in US as streaming rises

US sales of CDs tumbled by nearly a third in the first half of the year, although the boom in streaming largely compensated for lost revenue, the industry said.

The environmental impact of streaming music with Spotify and more

Digital downloads may involve less plastic than the CDs and vinyl of previous generations, but they require a lot of energy to produce, store and play.

Rumours of the death of physical videogames have been greatly exaggerated

“The record labels still make CDs and the movie studios still make DVDs, so yes, I’d say it’s too soon to abandon discs for consoles,” writes Michael Pachter, managing director at Wedbush Securities when asked about Microsoft’s plans to drop a physical disc drive from their latest Xbox One model.

Virtual garage sales for used digital music are barred by court

Purchasers of digital music files from services such as Apple Inc’s iTunes cannot resell them through a virtual marketplace, an appeals court said in a ruling that recalls an era dominated by vinyl records and CDs before streaming services reshaped the music industry.

Life Inspired has a chic new look

2020 is all about change, and Life Inspired did just that with a fresh makeover!

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