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Banksy shreds own painting in ultimate prank at Sotheby's auction

British street artist Banksy delivers the ultimate prank at Sotheby's auction in London.


Why innovation tends to bypass economics

THIS article was adapted from a speech given at the InvestmentNews “Innovation Summit” in New York, where the author received an “Icons and Innovators” award.


IMF, World Bank should address three shifts

It is generally accepted in economics that financial variables tend to adjust more rapidly than real and policy variables. This seems to be the case this year with the three major transitions that are critical to the longer-term well-being of the global economy and markets.

Science & Technology

Protein engineering may be the future of science

Living things make thousands of different proteins, but soon there could be many more, as scientists are starting to learn to design new ones from scratch with specific purposes in mind.


China would gain by resolving trade dispute

ALMOST all economists agree that a full-blown trade war would leave both China and the US worse off.


How portfolios should navigate this market volatility

THE transition from liquidity-powered markets for risk assets to those influenced a lot more by fundamentals was never likely to be smooth, as it involved changes to drivers of investor behaviour and market flows. Yet, despite this year’s unsettling spikes in high-frequency, two-way market moves, the right investment strategy is to “look through” the volatility.


Tesla’s push to prove the haters wrong proves them right

THERE’S a touch of deja vu about my colleague Dana Hull’s scoop on Thursday that Tesla’s vice president of production urged a blitz of Model 3 vehicle production to “prove a bunch of haters wrong.”


Apple is ready for the tech backlash

IT’S easy to understand Apple CEO Tim Cook's somewhat self-righteous comments on the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal: His company has never emphasised customer data monetisation, and privacy has been one of its persistent selling points. Apple still collects our data – and reserves the right to share it – but the company has a much better track record than newer tech titans.