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Sexter of tattooed manhood walks free

An American man who texted unsolicited photos of his ink-enhanced penis to a woman walks free after court says the law doesn’t cover sexting.


Turning to social media for help in custody battles and abuse cases

Social media has increasingly become an avenue for women to seek/offer help and support for victims of abuse.


‘Pirates Of The Caribbean 5’ set to go Down Under

It will be the biggest international movie to ever shoot in Australia.

Food News

Controversy sparks as foie gras goes back on the menu in California

Californians will be able to legally eat foie gras again after a judge overturned a ban on sales of the delicacy. Opinions are divided.


Poet Maya Angelou gets limited edition postage stamp tribute

The African American poet and civil rights activist who died last year is honoured with a limited edition stamp.


Whose job is it to keep our kids safe when they go online?

Ensuring children are protected in cybersafe is a collective responsibility.


Domestic violence: Finding strength to stand up against abuse

Abuse victims need support services to seek justice and rebuild their lives.


Change needs to happen to protect seniors from being abused

Malaysia's laws and systems to care and protect the elderly need to be beefed up.


Review: Visions For Peace

Malaysia may be governed by politicians, but we each have a responsibility in our role of making Malaysia the best it can be in our own unique ways.


Aiyoh Wat Lah?! awards cut across the political divide

The Aiyoh Wat Lah?! awards return – with input from university students