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Human Writes: Pretending plantations are forests is killing Orang Asli

The tragedy that befell the Bateq Orang Asli in Kelantan, when several died from a simple case of measles, can be traced to the destruction of their customary land.

Eating Out

Global cuisine in a charming space at Improv Bistro

Improv Bistro was started as a space where people can come and eat good food and enjoy live music, art exhibitions and eventually, comedy nights – in keeping with the name of the place.


To save the Malayan tiger, poachers could be shot on sight

Malaysia’s Wildlife and National Parks Department is on the front lines of the struggle to stop poachers and smugglers from driving our wildlife into extinction. Its director-general speaks exclusively to The Star about measures he is taking to stem the tide.


Sexual assault within a marriage is rape – our rape laws need to include married couples too

Current laws do not protect women from rape in her marriage, giving a man the impunity to perpetrate sexual violence on his wife.


California clinic examines injuries of immigrants who seek asylum in the United States

A few times each week, Dr Nick Nelson and his team conduct medical evaluations of people who seek asylum in the United States. The doctors listen to the patients’ stories, search for signs of trauma and scrutinise injuries, such as electrocution scars, bullet wounds and unset broken bones.


'Malayan Law Journal' publishers LexisNexis now offers its expertise – and passion – beyond Malaysia

After taking over as publishers of the 'Malayan Law Journal', LexisNexis is now offering its expertise – and passion for all things legal – beyond Malaysia.


There are no easy answers in Thrity Umrigar's 'Everybody's Son'

Thrity Umrigar dives deep into complex issues of racial identity and white supremacy in 'Everybody's Son' – and doesn't always come up for air successfully.


Most perpetrators of abuse are not convicted as their victims are ill-prepared to seek justice

Victims of domestic and sexual abuse need a strong support system to stand up to their abusers in court.


The proposed Domestic Violence (Amendments) Act 2017 in Malaysia puts victims’ safety at forefront

The amendments offer more urgent protection for victims and will even address financial abuse of the elderly by family members.


Make stalking a crime

Stalking is dangerous for it causes victims psychological harm and could be indicative of potential abuse.