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Business 03 Jun 2003 | 12:00 AM

Asian Bond Fund launched with initial size of US$1bil: Bank Negara

THE US dollar Asian Bond Fund (ABF) launched yesterday will be a stepping-stone to ABF bonds denominated in regional currencies.

Business 21 Jun 2003 | 12:00 AM

11 Asia-Pacific nations to launch US$1bil bond fund

Eleven Asia- Pacific nations will formally launch a new US$1bil Asian bond fund tomorrow, drawn from their huge central bank reserves to speed up the development of a regional bond market.

Business 12 Jul 2003 | 12:00 AM

Global interest rate easing may be near end

The cost of money has fallen further around the world this week with the Bank of England and a trio of Asian central banks trimming interest rates to jump start a hesitant global economic recovery.

Business 10 Feb 2004 | 12:00 AM

China’s absence muffles forex message of G7

The Group of Seven (G7) is looking more and more like a doughnut: without fast-growing China in its ranks, there is a gaping hole at the heart of its policy-making.

Business 24 Feb 2004 | 12:00 AM

Dealing with the drifting dollar

NO one in a country is spared when its currency tumbles, as everyone is affected one way or another.

Business 09 Apr 2004 | 12:00 AM

Asian reserves top US$2 trillion

Asian foreign exchange reserves rose more than US$220bil in the first quarter 2004, according to central bank figures, and the rise could have been larger since China has not updated its figures.

Business 16 Apr 2004 | 12:00 AM

Asian central banks map out new bond fund

Asian central banks announced yesterday a framework for a new fund to invest in local currency bonds with a view to enhancing the bond markets in the region.

Business 29 Apr 2004 | 12:00 AM

Asia’s huge reserves pose risk to growth, says ADB

Fixed exchange rates for the yuan and other Asian currencies and soaring foreign reserves in the region may spark a financial crisis such as the one in 1997-98 that brought recessions to six of the top 10 Asian economies, the Asian Development Bank said.

Business 09 Aug 2004 | 12:00 AM

Bank Negara unlikely to raise rates in short term

FOR the first time since May 2000, the Federal Reserve has recently raised the Fed-funds rate. There are several reasons to suggest that Bank Negara would not raise rates just yet.

Business 15 Sep 2004 | 12:00 AM

Asia forex reserves level off

Asia's massive foreign exchange reserve holdings have levelled off over the last five months, with China the exception, and analysts say a stronger US dollar has lessened the need for intervention on currencies.