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The dangers of getting too close to animals

Animals make great companions but they also bring infectious diseases by bacteria, viruses and parasites, which are transmitted to humans by direct contact with infected animals or their products.


Animals in this zoo are dying of hunger and really need help

Zoo animals in Venezuela are dying of hunger as the country faces a serious food shortage.


This zoo needs to weigh its animals, and that's more difficult than you think

London Zoo gets ready to weigh it's animals to make sure they are all healthy. For some animals, getting them to stand on a scale may require clever trickery. Here are the pictures.


Big Smile No Teeth: Why we care about animals more than humans

Big Smile No Teeth columnist Jason Godfrey tries to figure out why we feel more empathy towards animals that we do for other people. One reason: Because people can be jerks!


Animal lover drops out of med school to save and re-home animals in dire straits

Meet Amanda Giese, a pet rescuer who cares for medically abused and differently abled animals. Watch her in action in Animal Planet's series, "Amanda To The Rescue".


BBC series 'Dynasties' films endangered animals facing real drama

For the first time ever, BBC wildlife series Dynasties follows the lives of five families of different animal species to get a better understanding of the problems and challenges that threaten their very existence.


This man protects animals by stuffing them

A taxidermist gives “life” to dead animals.


Animals act in strange – and adorable – ways during an eclipse

Will the solar eclipse make animals act strangely? Science says yes.


Antibiotics in farm animals

In the US, about 75% of antiobiotics is actually used in animals and not humans.


More college students are turning to emotional-support animals

Emotional-support animals, or ESAs, are owned by people with mental health disorders and deemed necessary by medical professionals. An increasing number of people – particularly those of the younger variety – are turning to these animals as a means of treating depression and anxiety.