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Bloody mosquitoes! How dengue virus spreads around the world

Dengue outbreaks are common occurrences in certain regions of the world, including Malaysia, with research ongoing to try and stem its tide.


The many ways to control Aedes and reduce dengue

The dengue virus is transmitted from person to person via the Aedes aegypti mosquito; therefore, decreasing the number of these mosquitoes will mean decreasing the number of dengue cases.


9 myths about dengue fever you always thought were facts

It is important to know more about dengue fever and its transmission, here are things you got wrong about dengue fever.


Zika is here in Malaysia

Malaysia has its first case of Zika after a woman tested positive for the virus following a three-day visit to neighbouring Singapore.


Facing the dengue threat

It’s a perennial threat that has claimed more lives with each passing year.


A practical guide to Zika virus infection

Our columnist shares some facts and preventive methods related to the Zika virus outbreak.


One dad's duty is to turn his sons' school green

Earth Day, Earth Warriors: One parent is encouraging green practices in his children's school.


Alternative treatments for dengue fever

The best treatment for this infectious disease with no medical cure might lie in nature.


The dengue menace

Early assessment and appropriate treatment in dengue fever is critical to prevent serious complications and death.