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Bloody mosquitoes! How dengue virus spreads around the world

Dengue outbreaks are common occurrences in certain regions of the world, including Malaysia, with research ongoing to try and stem its tide.


The many ways to control Aedes and reduce dengue

The dengue virus is transmitted from person to person via the Aedes aegypti mosquito; therefore, decreasing the number of these mosquitoes will mean decreasing the number of dengue cases.


Pig idioms: What they can teach us about health

In conjunction with the Year of the Earth Pig in 2019, we take a look at some piggy idioms and the health lessons we can learn from them.


The high price of dengue

Studies have shown that the dengue vaccine saves governments money in the management of dengue fever.


9 myths about dengue fever you always thought were facts

It is important to know more about dengue fever and its transmission, here are things you got wrong about dengue fever.


What do you know about Zika?

A quick survey carried out by us reveals some worrying aspects about the current level of knowledge about the Zika virus and its effects.


Are we ready and prepared to fight Zika?

The WHO has developed a strategic response plan for Zika virus infections. We need the surveillance and response indicators in place.


With so much air travel, yellow fever may be in Malaysia soon

Global air travel means that this infectious disease, currently on the rise in Africa, can easily spread to Asia.


Zika may be spread through sex, protect yourself this way

There is growing evidence that Zika can be sexually transmitted, says the WHO. Here is what you must know.


Doctors are wondering when the dengue vaccine is coming

Clinicians who have to manage the marked increase in disease burden of dengue wonder if and when the new dengue vaccine will be available for use in Malaysia.