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Yau Bee Ling rediscovers joyous painterly groove in free-flowing show

Visual artist Yau Bee Ling’s conversations about art these days seem to be more optimistic. She is definitely in a different headspace since her last solo exhibit three years ago, which was an emotionally heavy series.


Choosing the right makeup brush

The rise of the cruelty-free movement across the beauty and fashion industries is seeing brands and consumers becoming more conscious of their choices. Here's how to choose a makeup brush.


Malaysia among 25 countries that practise discriminatory citizenship laws

Malaysia is just one of 25 countries in the world with discriminatory citizenship laws.Malaysian fathers married to foreign spouses need only to notify the government about children born abroad. Malaysian mothers however need to apply and wait indefinitely.


While out buying diapers, Aaron Kwok was trapped in traffic jam caused by HK protests

Whilst out buying diapers for his daughter, Aaron Kwok found himself trapped in a traffic jam in the Causeway Bay shopping district as tens of thousands marched to the United States consulate to call for help to bring democracy to Hong Kong.


'Liberated Mind' author shares lessons learnt from his panic disorder

Learning to deal with the panic attacks Prof Steven C. Hayes experienced when he was a young man led to the creation of a new approach to treating mental health issues.


‘Killing Eve’ totally slays spy game cliches

'Killing Eve', the tale of an international assassin and the agent who hunts her, is refreshingly offbeat and filled with startling spill-your-popcorn moments.


Dear Thelma: Girls keep rejecting me ... what am I doing wrong?

For Juini, life is empty and lonely as he has failed to get a girlfriend since young. He wonders if he is destined to be single for life ...


Life lessons we can learn from playing chess

Many of us probably view chess as just another strategy game, but this ancient board game has many lessons to teach us about life.


Why do I have cold hands when I work out?

While it’s normal to experience cold hands when you’re in a cool environment, some of us suffer from it during and after workouts.