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Online tool predicts heart risk in young adults

An online calculator may help young people predict their risk of developing heart disease in middle age – in time to make lifestyle changes to minimise their odds of a heart attack or stroke, a US study suggests.


Broken Age: A story for the ages

With two heroes, two worlds and plenty of puzzles to point-and-click your way through, Broken Age is a wonderfully engaging story of growing up and mastering your own destiny.


In the works: A sports bra that syncs music to heart rate

In the age of the quantified self, British design student Victoria Sowerby is dancing to the counter-beat with an innovative sports bra that tells users if they're pushing themselves too hard or not enough by adjusting the beat of their music.


US startups get OK for smartphone-based heart tracking

For a growing US aging population, tracking heart health via a smartphone can mean the difference between life and death.


Clinical trial puts Apple Watch’s heart monitoring prowess to the test

Apple Inc has a long reputation for disrupting the markets with new innovations, and the Silicon Valley tech giant is now skirting the edges of one very traditional field: cardiology.


New technologies help seniors age in place — and not feel alone

The exorbitant costs of nursing home and assisted living care are driving sales — and innovation — in the technology market.


Insight: Radiation, risk and robots: Ripping out a reactor's heart

As head of the Muelheim-Kaerlich nuclear reactor, Thomas Volmar spends his days plotting how to tear down his workplace. The best way to do that, he says, is to cut out humans.


Suit that mimics life at age 85 has no creases, just creaks

With the push of a button, a perfectly healthy 34-year-old museum-goer named Ugo Dumont was transformed into a confused 85-year-old man with cataracts, glaucoma and a ringing in his ears known as tinnitus.


How official Chinese propaganda is adapting to the social media age as disaffection spreads among millennials

Communist Party’s official outlets scouring country for new media specialists to reach 800 million web users and squeeze out ‘undesirable influences’.


Ray Tomlinson, godfather of @ e-mail, dies at age 74

Ray Tomlinson, considered to be the godfather of e-mail, has died, according to his employer, Raytheon Company. He was 74.