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How old is your heart? New online tool calculates ticker’s ‘age’

Tell the calculator your lifestyle habits and it tells you whether you’re at risk for heart disease and your life expentancy.


More Malaysians are suffering heart attacks at a younger age

Unlike the Celine Dion song, your heart won't go on and on if you keep ignoring its health. Find out why more young Malaysians are getting heart diseases and what to do about it.


Old, old heart

The heart is not immune to the ravages of time. Inevitably, an ageing heart will undergo changes that could spell trouble.


There is no such thing as being 'too young' to get a heart attack

As more young people suffer from heart attacks, doctors have started to pay better attention to possible symptoms in younger patients and not discount signs because of the person’s age.


Heart failure can be mistaken as other sickness

Heart failure can be easily mistaken for the common flu or asthma.


Heart can’t pump no more

Asians are unfortunately more prone to developing heart failure at a younger age and in a more severe form.


Two Fit: The real measure of fitness lies in the state of our heart

Are we really fit? Our heart rate variability, which is the specific change in time between each heartbeat, can tell us if we are.


Don’t take your age for granted

According to Dr Sivarani Sathasivam, consultant cardiologist and physician at ParkCity Medical Centre, heart attacks are becoming more common among young Malaysians.


Exercise is good for the heart, no matter how old you are

Experts say age shouldn’t be barrier to exercise for heart patients.


Take good care of your heart if you don't want to lose your mind

Research has found that the health of your heart at middle age can be an indicator of the likelihood of you developing dementia in old age.