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Exempt and explain, please

Optimistically Cautious by ERROL OH

Should directors discuss human capital too?

Optimistically Cautious by ERROL OH

Transforming lives of the unbanked

Optimistically Cautious: ERROL OH
Malaysia is set to be the hub of the global financial inclusion agenda.

The 300th article – milestone or millstone?

Optimistically cautious - By Errol Oh
Nahhh, this columnist isn’t going away just yet, and here’s why

Cushioning a painful fall

UNLESS we’re trapeze artists, we rarely think about safety nets. That is, until we fall. The thing is, only the luckiest among us never fall. The rest know how it is when we lose control and gravity takes over to send us on a quick and often painful trip downwards.

Divisiveness drains profits

ONCE upon a time in America, some businesses had no problems seeing certain groups of people as no better than canines. In the vast collections of the Library of Congress, there’s a weathered sign that’s said to be distributed to members of a Dallas, Texas-based trade body called the Lonestar Restaurant Association.

The MIA’s quiet unrest

Will the accounting body make a sharp change in direction?

A tough test for audit industry

Optimistically cautious By ERROL OH
With audit exemption here to stay, small accounting firms must change.

Bzzt! Wrong answers, Lay Hong

Optimistically Cautious - By Errol Oh
Why poultry company’s responses to UMA queries led to reprimands, fines.

Risk factors you don’t hear about

Optimistically cautious by ERROL OH
Maybe IPO prospectuses should discuss governance issues too