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Ireland unveils Airbnb curbs to ease housing crunch

Ireland announced plans to rein in popular short-term rental services such as Airbnb in a bid to address a historic housing shortage.


No danger from broadband infrastructure

b>KUANTAN/b>: The Pahang state assembly was told that broadband infrastructure, including at children's playgrounds, is according to international procedures and standards.


This is how Chinese citizens are watched and rated

China’s ambitious plan to assign lifelong scores to citizens based on their behaviour has stoked international concern, even as the project remains nascent and numerous hurdles must be overcome before the experiment can be implemented nationwide.


Uber, Airbnb get dragged into Scandinavian welfare economics

Denmark wants to bring the so-called sharing economy into its legal codex so that companies like Uber and Airbnb can be absorbed into the Scandinavian welfare model.


Mind the air-gap: Singapore's web cut-off balances security, inconvenience

Singapore is working on how to implement a policy to cut off web access for public servants as a defence against potential cyberattacks – a move closely watched by critics who say it marks a retreat for a technologically advanced city-state.


China tries to charm tech-savvy Taiwanese youth as political ties fray

A startup incubator on the outskirts of Shanghai is laying out sweeteners for budding entrepreneurs: Free office space, subsidised housing rent, tax breaks and in some cases, cash of up to 200,000 yuan (RM124,756).


Quiet energy revolution underway in Japan as dozens of towns go off the grid

A northern Japanese city's efforts to rebuild its electric power system after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami mark a quiet shift away from the country's old utility model toward self-reliant, local generation and transmission.