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The scramble for skills

There's a concerted effort to woo and retain talent in Malaysia. Talent Corp Bhd has been set up with this mandate. Its CEO Johan Mahmood Merican talks about the mammoth task ahead.


Time to look east for MAS

Comment by Pankaj C Kumar The airlines industry is one tough industry to be in. Whether in the US, Europe or Asia, governments have from time to time come to the rescue of their national carriers mainly due to catastrophic incidents like the Sept 11 terror strike, unsustainable business models or even simply due to a massive debt load.


Flashing new warning signs: Is global recession looming?

HOLIDAYS are a good time to think about what’s going to happen in 2019.


Two sessions – pursuit of the China dream of socialism

THE “Two Sessions” of China’s National People’s Congress gathering last month marked the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up which led to its transformation, furthering the China Dream of socialism with Chinese characteristics.


The kiss of debt

Lin See-Yan touches on how ballooning fiscal deficits and rising public debt are raising investor anxiety about sovereign risk in many advanced economies.

Vital Signs

Easier done than said

“IF you are not part of the solution, consider that you may be part of the problem.”


9MP: Reactions

Reactions to the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) from various sectors.


Full integration is key to success, Asean told

KUALA LUMPUR: One key lesson about economic integration that Asean can take away from the European Union is perseverance.


Kwakwa: Asean needs to reinforce commitment towards common goal

KUALA LUMPUR: One key lesson about economic intergration that Asean can take away from the European Union is perseverance.