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Tattoo Malaysia Expo 2019 is Malaysia's biggest body art event ever

As many as 150 tattoo artists and body art enthusiasts from around the world will be at the convention in Kuala Lumpur from Nov 29 to Dec 1.


Big Smile, No Teeth: We're living in an era of scarily narcissistic leaders

Driving a car requires a license. Shouldn’t it be the same with running a nation? So here’s our proposal: Mental health tests for all political leaders and candidates.


The evolving nature of health insurance

Medical or health insurance now seeks to actively keep you healthy, rather than the passive insuring against disease of days past.


Making health a priority

Life Inspired

Datuk Paddy Bowie, a woman with an indomitable spirit

At 93, writer, speaker, political and business analyst and accomplished public relations expert Datuk Paddy Bowie still writes almost every day and has an advising role over operations of the strategic services company she founded in 1980, Paddy Schubert Consultants Sdn Bhd.


Contradictheory: Who to trust – computers or human intuition?

When computers join the game, do you trust your intuition over solid data? Contradictheory columnist Dzof Azmi compares chess players and corporate CEOs to find his answer.


Tumi is aiming to make travel fashionable again

Tumi’s creative director Victor Sanz speaks about the latest designs for Autumn/Winter 2018 and why he thinks that luggage should be an extension of your persona.

Food News

Love Food Hate Waste: Can Malaysia be a gastro-sustainable capital?

Malaysia is often considered a gastronomic capital of the world. Let’s leverage on this to become a strategic leader in gastronomy sustainability.