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Innovation – catalyst for recovery

Hard times are good for innovation because it forces new ways of doing things better.


No point dropping interest rates

Cutting interest rates further is unlikely to achieve much but will further damage returns to savers and the value of the ringgit


Rising vehicle sales point to early signs of recovery

After two consecutive quarters of declining sales, Malaysia's motor vehicle industry is showing signs of a pick-up. This is good news for those looking for possible signs of an economic recovery.


Growing overbought condition

Investors may take profits while the CI scales nearer to the pivotal resistance level.


Fruitless request

From: Against unjustifiable rent seekers, namely banks, Kuala Lumpur


Finance leaders pledge to work to end recession

Finance officials from the world's top economic powers pledged Friday to move swiftly on efforts to lift nations out of the worst recession since the 1930s.


Court of Appeal: Students to remain under detention

Eight Form Five students who attacked their schoolmate merciless, resulting in his death, five years ago will remain under detention in a juvenile centre at the pleasure of the Yang Dipertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan.


Public pawnbroker keeps Parisians' secrets safe

PARIS (Reuters) - From Napoleon III's mistress to cash-strapped modern-day bankers, Parisians have for centuries stored their jewels and secrets in a discreet building not far from the Seine: the public pawnbroker.


Grameen is lending king in Queens

Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, known as the 'banker to the poor' for making small loans in impoverished countries, is now doing business in the centre of capitalism - New York City.


IMF, World Bank warn global downturn is far from over

The heads of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank pledged new resources Thursday to fight the worst global downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s, while warning that the crisis is far from over.