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Losing shine

THIS week, I am re-visiting the Merdeka open chess championships for one last time to discuss a trend which should greatly concern the Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF), both as the organiser of this annual event and the body responsible for the overall chess development in this country.


Paula represents Malaysia in ‘Oprah’ show

What is the connection between Paula Malai Ali and I>The Oprah Winfrey Show/I>? Other than being a big fan of Oprah, Paula was one of the women featured in a recent episode of the show.


Government should stop the private ETV programmes

From S.M. MOHAMED IDRIS, President, Consumers Association of Penang, Penang.I>(via e-mail)/I>


PC theft headache for schools

Just as the failure of the multi-million ringgit Education Television (ETV) programme came to light, it is now revealed that breakdowns and thefts of school computers is a serious problem.


Movie before marriage, say Tamil film couple

Movie couple Sandosh Kesavan and V. Komathy are counting the days until they become man and wife. However, film director Sandosh said he would marry his executive producer only after their movie I>Aandal/Ihits the market.


A-G’s report: Most schools do not watch educational programmes

The Education Television (ETV) programme, which costs the Government millions of ringgit each year, has failed to meet its objective because most schools are not utilising the facility.


Search on for families who display positive values

The search is on for model families that exemplify the qualities that make up a united and loving household.


Reader laments lack of cash prize for Tamil artiste

IT IS not sufficient for Astro's I>Vaanavil/Ichannel to recognise local Tamil artiste R. Shanmugam and honour him with a #8220;Lifetime Achievement Award#8221; for local artistes without giving him any cash prize, I>Malaysian Nanban/Ireported.


Picking value and growth stocks

Three fund managers and a share placement director came to Menara Star on Monday for a roundtable discussion of the stock market outlook for the fourth quarter. The second and final part of excerpts from the discussion.


Leading by example at concert