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Somewhere over the rainbow

Couple seek better lives, business opportunities abroad.

S’poreans lapping it up in JB

JOHOR BARU: Singaporeans are benefiting the most from the weaker ringgit as they can shop and dine in the city without feeling as much strain on their wallets as they would in the republic.

Heart & Soul: Music teacher learns life lessons from students

An unplanned choice of career leads a piano teacher to learn lessons in life from her students.

Malaysian actress-director Claire Wong shines on Singaporean stage

Claire Wong, a charismatic leading lady based in Singapore, shines on stage and behind the scenes.

Two-year-old has had 12 surgeries

KUALA LUMPUR: Despite only being two years old, Nurfatiha Najiha has undergone 12 surgeries and spent more time in hospital than anywhere else.

Finding contentment in what we do

Motherhood has not doused the fire of ambition, just tweaked the perspective.

Cyanide found in Black Widow’s pot plants

TOKYO: Japanese police investiga­ting a so-called “Black Widow” who could be behind the deaths of six partners have found traces of cyanide in soil from her pot plants, reports said.

Air of uncertainty at Kinarut settlement

KOTA KINABALU: The Filipino refugee settlement of about 500 families in Kinarut was quieter than usual on a Friday.

Women of USJ 3/4 join in community policing effort

USJ 3/4 Rukun Tetangga women volunteers will cycle around the neighbourhood, in acting as the eyes and ears of the housing area in a community policing effort.

Make edible gifts for Christmas

The Don't Call Me Chef columnists make presents that are good enough to eat.