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Uncharted waters - Mega-cruise ships sail the Arctic

SVALBARD, Norway (Reuters) - A surge in Arctic tourism is bringing ever bigger cruise ships to the formerly isolated, ice-bound region, prompting calls for a clamp-down to prevent Titanic-style accidents and the pollution of fragile eco-systems.


Iraqi supreme court rules against PM Abadi on VP positions

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's supreme court on Monday ruled against a decision by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to scrap three vice-president positions.


U.S. Navy ship targeted in failed missile attack from Yemen - U.S.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer was targeted on Sunday in a failed missile attack from territory in Yemen controlled by Iran-aligned Houthi rebels, a U.S. military spokesman told Reuters, saying neither of the two missiles hit the ship.


Pakistan PM rushes to end energy shortages ahead of 2018 poll

LAHORE/ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - In Abdul Aziz's print shop, the daily blackouts that plunge him into darkness and silence his rolling presses are costly and chip away at his faith in Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.


Ghana opposition leader attacks govt economic record ahead of election

ACCRA (Reuters) - Ghana's main opposition leader Nana Akufo-Addo launched a blistering attack on the government's economic record on Sunday as he released his party's manifesto at a mass rally ahead of an election on Dec. 7.


A measure of future well-being

On the edges of social policy - By Nurhisham Hussein
While people’s welfare gains may outpace future GDP growth, the trade-off could be lower incomes and returns on savings.


No casualties reported after China refinery blast

BEIJING (Reuters) - Equipment at an oil refinery in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing caught fire and exploded on Sunday, state media said, in the country's latest industrial accident.


Election in Georgia to test stability amid slump

TBILISI (Reuters) - The ruling Georgian Dream party declared victory in a parliamentary election in ex-Soviet Georgia on Saturday after two exit polls put it in first place following a tense vote widely seen as a test of political stability.


Shift leaves Kabila exposed

SHORTLY after Congo President Joseph Kabila came to power in 2001, the US embassy in Kinshasa sent cables to Washington exuding quiet confidence in the 29-year-old who had replaced his recently assassinated father, Laurent.


SEED helps budding entrepreneurs to grow

KUALA LUMPUR: Leaving paid employment to start a venture is a pretty hard decision for many.