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Gift of music

The Gap with Yvonne Lee Shu Yee.

Pepsi's new challenge

PEPSICO president and chief financial officer Indra K. Nooyi is riled. Outside her third-floor office, snow is piling up around the company's famed sculpture garden in Purchase, New York.

Pitching for a better year

THANK you kindly from the bottom of my heart to the many of you who wrote, e-mailed and telephoned me in support of my recent and personal 2002 look-back #8211; as well as the 2003 articles on my expectations for the disabled in this column.

Losing a baby

THE most common myth associated with miscarriage among the Chinese has to do with the bed. They believe that a pregnant woman should not dismantle the bed or she will have a miscarriage.

Allocate fund for rural schools Remote areas in Third World state

From WILSON TAY TZE VERN of Lembah Beringin, Selangor.

Brazil's Julinho dies at 73

Former Brazil international Julinho, considered one of the national team#8217;s best ever right wings, has died. He was 73.

Taking the firm under his wings

SIM Kuang Meng is the #147;heart and soul#148; of Famp;N Glass Division. He has been with the division for 33 years and runs the business as if it is his own. He is an integral part of the division and continuously thinks of ways and means to improve the business even in his free time.

Ng strikes the right note

B>C/B>LASSICAL music permeating her home, trips to recitals and her father#8217;s pure determination became the notes that would eventually form the life score of classical pianist Ng Mei Fong.

Eat your way to good health

You are what you eat, and no one knows this better than dietitians and nutritionists. Deciding which of these two healthcare professionals to see depends on your state of health.

Beer belly gene

Scientists have discovered a certain gene variation that predisposes men to a drooping gut. The genes make such men more likely to gain the kilos and develop a spare tyre around the middle.