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Tara's themes

Tara Sosrowardoyo. It#8217;s not exactly a name that rings a bell with Malaysians but among professional photographers, it#8217;s a name that commands respect. And in some other circles, it#8217;s a name that says #8216;the PM#8217;s son-in-law#8217;. Tara, as he is called, is married to DatinPaduka Marina Mahathir but has, thus far, always preferred to stay out of the picture, so to speak. Now, an exhibition of hiswork being mounted in Kuala Lumpur has finally forced him out from behind the camera. He talks to MENG YEW CHOONG about his work and life with his famous relations.

Wah, Bush very terror-lah

Readers respond to our Teh Tarik columnist, Andrew Sia, who wrote a I>khau /I>piece on how some Malaysian Chinese, especially the #8220;English-educated#8221; ones, seemed to be more supportive of the American-led #8220;liberation#8221; of Iraq.

Hon pledges to help twins

The Education Ministry will help ensure that the country#8217;s first #8220;test-tube#8221; twins are not deprived of a formal education despite the financial constraints faced by their mother.

Selangor Sultan crowned in tradition-steeped ceremony

Compiled by SHANTINI SUNTHARAJAH (9/03/03 - 15/03/03)

Children old hand at begging

She was dressed in a purplish I>baju kurung/Iand a shocking green headscarf. On her face, a layer of grease had formed over her slightly dark skin - a result of her day's activities.

A shelter of hope and security

Concluding our look at the state of begging in the country, MARSHA TAN visits a place where beggars, the homeless and those with no place to go are sent.

Channels to help needy

The Welfare Department wants the public to stop giving donations directly to beggars. It plans to establish a new 'mechanism' which will see public donations being disbursed to those in need through 'proper channels'.

On the tail of bogus beggars

To give or not to give? Malaysians will have to decide whether they are doing a good deed or aiding a bad cause when they give money to beggars. DEVID RAJAH, IZATUN SHAARI and ZANI SALLEH report on this problem in the first of a two-part series.

Stepping into the shoes of a beggar

Posing as an Indian 'holy man' M. KRISHNAMOORTHY took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur with a begging bowl and found that Malaysians are a generous lot.

Snapshots of change

Senior citizens in China have lots of tales to tell of the upheavals and revolutionary times they lived through and the prosperity they are now experiencing, reports MARTIN FACKLER.