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Corruption has become a way of life

Between birth and death and at every stage of life corruption stares you in the eye. And experience shows that while corrupt politicians who make millions invariably go scot-free, a petty bus conductor or a lowly constable caught taking bribes is dragged to court.


A diplomat’s life

Being an envoy or ambassador is not all about cocktail parties and formal functions. The way you dress, how you behave and what your spouse does are always under scrutiny.

One Man's Meat

Despised for the wrong reasons

The Suluks in Sabah face unwelcome attention and discrimination, no thanks to history, politics and the Lahad Datu armed intrusion.


Shipping out

Singapore's limited space and brief history mar the confidence of many young citizens.

On The Beat

Who watches the watchman?

The faith of the public inpoliticians and civilservants has been erodingfor a long time. For us tohear allegations ofcorruption against ACAchief Datuk Zulkipli MatNoor is surely anotherblow.

The Star Says

More work to do in streamlining foreign labour

When Malaysians read about unfortunate cases concerning foreign workers in the country, more than curiosity is at play. Since foreign labour is so common in the home and at work, the sad experience of others can provide useful lessons for many.

On The Beat

Yes, Obama can!

Barack Obama is an icon of hope for people all over the world, especially in countries with a plural society.


It’s unbelievable what travellers pack

The US Customs has seen it all. Exotic songbirds, Hermit crabs, Tarantula spiders, kitchen sinks, chainsaws and outboard motors are some of the unusual items travellers have in their baggage.

With All Due Respect

The stink of injustice

The police have to explain their tardiness in investigating the most infamous land forgery case in Malaysia.


Free ticket home

There has never been a better time for Malaysians who are in Britain illegally to pack up and return home.