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Medal for French lecturer

Plilomen Theresa Das tireless contribution to the teaching of the French language in Malaysia and promoting active cultural exchanges between the two countries won her a special honour from the French Government recently.


Glitzy launch to KL Fashion Week at Menara Star

KL Fashion Week 2003 was launched at Menara Star yesterday with much glitz, glamour and fanfare.


New RTM series to tell the truth about PAS

The Information Ministry will produce a second series of the I>Kelantan Dalam Gerhana /I>(Kelantan under the Eclipse) programme in order to tell the truth about the PAS-controlled state.


KL Fashion Week 2003


Sweeping reforms in Qatari schools

Students are learning less Islam and more English in the tiny desert sheikdom of Qatar. Prestigious American universities, such as Cornell with its medical school and Carnegie Mellon with its business school, are being lured to set up branch campuses.


Sizing up local scene

According to Bill Keith Malaysian fashion designers are a talented lot but lack the resources to make it big in the local scene, let alone the international arena.


Education UK Expo 2003

The Education UK 2003 Expo is the perfect place for those looking for cutting edge fields to pursue in higher education.


Designing glamour

Beauty, indeed, lies in the eye of the beholder when it comes to fashion. Whether it's haute couture, avant-garde or off-the-rack, fashion has no boundaries and the potential for new ideas is limitless.


Tailoring skills essential

While creativity and style go a long way in art and design, it takes both talent and personality to stay a cut above in the glamorous world of fashion.

AseanPlus News

North Korea: Direct talks can solve crisis

B>SEOUL:/BNorth Korea said yesterday the nuclear crisis could be easily solved in direct talks with the United States, but US President George W. Bush insisted only a multi-national effort could defuse the stand-off.