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Record high: 1,300+ rhinos were killed in Africa last year

The slaughter of rhinos continues in Africa for China and Vietnamese markets who think that the horns contain medicinal properties.

Resorting to extreme measures to deter rhino poaching

Resorting to extreme measures to deter rhino poaching.

What it takes to preserve our biodiversity

New strategies to stem our natural heritage losses.

How are we helping the Sumatran rhino suvive?

The unyielding demand for rhino horn in Chinese medicine has drastically reduced the global population to just 87.

Andre Bauma, park ranger: 'We have to save those babies'

What's wiping out the handful of gorillas still left in Virunga National Park? The illegal charcoal trade, oil exploration, poaching and civil war.

Airbnb might put you in the room next to your boss

Looks like you just can't get away from the boss!

Black-winged mynas are being coveted to the brink of extinction

The illegal cage bird trade is pushing black-winged mynas towards extinction.

Cecil the Lion's hunter becomes the hunted

The hunt is on for American dentist Walter Palmer as the US government determines if his killing of Cecil the Lion violated US wildlife trade laws.

DNA testing pinpoints ivory poaching hotspots

By studying the DNA of seized ivory, wildlife conservationists have traced the hubs of elephant slaughter to Tanzania and Gabon in Africa.