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Follow these tips to never lose an online debate again

Whether on blogs, social networks or news websites, the Internet is a giant platform of discussion and debate.


Boston startups are teaching boats to drive themselves

A small industry of startups trying to teach boats to drive themselves is emerging along the harbour.


Mac users can try out Skype's latest features thanks to an app

The Skype for Mac project has been languishing for years. However, Mac users who want the same new designs and functions as Windows users can simply download the Skype Preview app.


ZTE's twin-screen Axon M is a flip phone for the smartphone age

Rather than a handset with a flexible, folding screen, Chinese manufacturer ZTE's Axon M is a spectacular fold-up smartphone that has two displays on a hinge.


Sony’s Aibo robotic dog is back, with new tricks for AI era

Sony Corp is bringing back its iconic robotic dog, aibo.


Programmed for success

Coding is not just for programmers. Anyone can, and should, take up programming at any age.


Twitter and Snapchat should strike anti-Facebook accord: opinion

A common enemy can be the foundation of a beautiful friendship. Snapchat and Twitter have a shared foe in Facebook, and to a lesser extent Google.


Cryptic Russian crusader says his US$5bil app can’t be bought

Pavel Durov loves to play hard to get.


Facebook’s fake news fight has collateral damage for small sites

Cyrus Massoumi spent the last few years building exactly what he thought would thrive on Facebook: A series of inflammatory conservative websites, finely tuned to produce the most viral and outrageous version of the news. The social network rewarded him with an audience.


Facebook says social media can be bad if you use it in this way

Facebook's mission is to "bring the world closer together," but the tech firm this year has faced mounting criticism that social media could be ripping society apart.