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Is that protein shake after a workout really effective?

Having a protein shake right after a workout may be the rage among gym-goers, but does it really boost our muscle recovery and repair?


Hormones out of sync? Here are 7 signs and corrective measures

Here are seven things to look out for when your hormones are out of sync due to lifestyle factors like stress, sleep, diet and physical activity.


6 hormones that influence weight loss in women

There are six hormones in women that directly or indirectly influence their weight, and therefore, need to be addressed in any weight-loss programme.


Off The Beat: On the falcon’s crest in Doha, Qatar

An attempt to get a bird's eye view of an ancient tradition instead yields something more profound - witnessing friendship between a man and his feathered friend.


Here’s how to eat right to prevent cancer

In conjunction with World Cancer Day 2019, this column takes a look at the foods we should avoid, increase and have in moderation, in order to prevent cancer.


How parents of eczema children cope

Parents of babies and young children with eczema often suffer as much as their children, and will try almost anything to cure them.


5 ways to boost your mental health (exercise not included)

Is your resolution this year to improve your mental health? Here are a few tips on how to accomplish that.


Nutritious meals for children with special needs

Instead of a specific diet for children with special needs, opt for food rich in vitamins and minerals.


Saving our drugs from antibiotic resistance

The increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistance means that more and more germs will be able to resist the killing power of antibiotic drugs, leaving us without a cure for common infections.


Dog Talk: ’Tis the season to be merry but watch what festive food you give your dog

The holidays are fun times of indulgence, but some food for humans can kill dogs. Here’s how to avoid a festive tragedy.