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Kuala Lumpur also guilty of haphazard planning

From BEARING WITH THE ROT, Cheras (via e-mail)


Lure of the red lanterns

Peel off the multicoloured veneer of the restored 19th - century shophouses in Singapore's Chinatown, you'll unfurl tales of immigrant slaves, opium trade and the world's oldest profession. LEONG SIOK HUI took a walking tour at a place once known as 'Bu Ye Tian' (the place of nightless days).


Visit sites before approving development plans

Writes R. GUARD of Ipoh.


Town planning gone haywire

From M.L., Ipoh


Overdevelopment in PJ area causing woes

From ROSALYNN CHOW, Petaling Jaya.


Benefits in sharing cellular site for celcos

Finally, the government has realised that giving to one company the rights to build the cellular sites was not such a good idea.


Dream of owning property

B>I/B>F there's one word that will make Singaporeans sit up, it's 'property'. During the golden era, there was hardly a conversation that did not touch on the real estate market.


Dungun DO is new Terengganu state secretary

Dungun district officer Datuk Muhatar Abdullah, 51, is the new Terengganu state secretary. He took over the post Wednesday from Datuk Ku Abdul Azah Syed Alwee, 56, who has retired.


For safe journeys

Despite efforts to reduce the huge number of traffic accidents in Malaysia, the figures have not gone down. LOH FOON FONG finds out what can be done to make our roads safer.


Planning for a better life

If you are lucky enough to live in a nice, well-planned neighbourhood, the person you most likely have to thank is the town planner.