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Why we leak

THERE are basically four types of urinary incontinence which affect both men and women of all ages says Prof Rane.


Sweet benefits

SWEET potato leaves fried with dried prawn and chilli or I>sambal/II>belacan/Iis a cheap mouth-watering dish commonly served in many local Chinese restaurants. Sweet potato leaves and tubers contain a number of beneficial nutrients that help maintain good health.


Colour me healthy

What colour were you most drawn to? By Jaguar Speaks.


Security seals for traditional health products

The Health Ministry is awaiting approval on its proposal to have security seals fixed on all traditional health products to distinguish between ministry-approved and non-approved products.


Her stiff neck

Cervical spondylosis is a degenerative condition of the cervical spine around the neck. This is an account of a woman who was diagnosed with the condition.


Pregnancy watch

KATHY SENA lists out some of the important things to watch out for when you#8217;re pregnant.


Sweet experiment

Some diabetics have found success in an experimental treatment that injects insulin-producing cells into the body, writes JAMIE TALAN.


What's up with aphrodisiacs?

Are there really such things as aphrodisiacs to boost the human libido? COLIN KHOO talks to a Western and Chinese health practitioner about things libidinous in nature.


Lawyer fit to own gun, says witness

Lawyer Datuk Balwant Singh was certified by a doctor to be physically and mentally fit to own a gun about two months before he allegedly shot dead a man after a heated argument last year, the High Court heard Thursday.


Wonder drug aspirin

For the first time, researchers have shown in the most rigorous kind of studies that they can reduce the risk of developing colon and rectal polyps, the precursors of almost all colon cancer, with aspirin.