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Harping on 'carbs'

DANIEL Q. HANEY writes on the controversy concerning different types of carbohydrates and how they can lead to diabetes.


A weighty problem

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there#8217;s a growing health trend among industrialised and developing countries that is fast unfolding as a potential health crisis. It#8217;s called globesity, a term, coined by WHO, that combines the words global and obesity.


X spells ill-health

Even if your cholesterol levels are normal, you may still be a victim of Syndrome X and at risk of heart disease.


NST Kota Baru correspondent dies at 41

The I>New Straits Times/Istaff correspondent here, Azran Aziz, passed away at a private hospital yesterday following complications from diabetes.


Herbal drinks firm gets two weeks to back claims

The company that produces the I>Orang Kampung/Ibrand I>Kacip Fatimah/Iand I>Tongkat Ali/Iherbal drinks has been given two weeks to respond to an allegation of misleading the public with false information about its products.


Herbal drinks seized in Perak

Two popular herbal drinks with the brand name of Orang Kampung have violated the Food Act and Regulations 1985 by having misleading claims on the labels.


Meningitis and you

MENINGITIS means infection of the covering (meninges) that protects the brain and spinal cord. The meninges consists of three layers - dura mater (outer layer), arachnoid (middle layer) and pia mater (inner layer).


Exciting frontier in medicine

Stem cell research is an area of medicine that holds much promise for medical breakthroughs. But there are many obstacles, both technical and ethical. The journey to stem cell fulfillment is a long one, but there have been some early successes despite the odds, observes PAUL YEO.


Types of insulin

PEOPLE with diabetes may need different types of insulin at certain times of the day to help them manage their glucose intake from food. There are four types of insulin - rapid-acting, short-acting, intermediate-acting and long-acting.


Diabetes control

DIABETES is a complicated disease. It has all the makings of a chicken-egg conundrum. Does diabetes, for instance, cause obesity and high blood pressure, or vice versa?