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Preparing to conceive

Planning for a child? OG specialist Assoc Prof Dr Zaleha Abdullah Mahdy gives tips on giving baby a head start.

AseanPlus News

30 million people are obese

THE number of overweight people in China has topped 200 million, and at least 30 million of them are obese.


Land of ‘loss’

THIS is my plea to the incoming MPs who will take office soon. Before you embark on the other matters of the nation please know the plight of retirees/pensioners.


Acute confusion in the elderly

When an elder suddenly becomes confused, don't make the assumption that it's part of old age. Acute confusion is a sign of an underlying problem, and even if the elder appears otherwise well, it's best to seek medical advice as soon as possible.


Low carbohydrate diets

Dr YLM talks about Atkins diet.


Islanders’ nightmare

Fifty years after a nuclear blast was felt on the Bikini Atoll, islanders are still suffering, writes BEN GRUBER.


Product labels must be accurate

From S.M. MOHAMED IDRIS, President Consumers Association of Penang.


Beauty is what you make of it

To those overweight people out there, your weight will only bother you if you allow it to! CHIN PEN LEN writes.


Devoted healer

Bullied and not allowed to practise, this petite woman was determined to prove herself to her countrymen when she entered the jealously-guarded male domain of neurosurgery in her native India. Dr T.S. Kanaka speaks to BRENDA BENEDICT about her distinction as Asia's first female neurosurgeon, her adventures in the operating theatre and the secret to being spry even when one is '71-years-young'.


The science behind health reports

Studies from medical and scientific journals appear regularly in the media, preceded by attractive headlines like I>Eating grapes prevents cancer/Ito tease us. TEE SHIAO EEK dons her lab coat to help the layperson understand the science of research and how to look at reported studies with a critical eye.