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Family 18 Jun 2017 | 6:08 AM

Dear Thelma: I'm caught between my parents' very ugly divorce

Her parents' very nasty divorce is causing her to choose sides and she really doesn't want to.

Family 25 Jun 2017 | 6:09 AM

Dear Thelma: He has a second wife, girlfriends and he beats me

Her husband has a second wife and girlfriends. He cheats on her and beats her but she finds it difficult to leave him.

Viewpoints 25 Jun 2017 | 6:12 AM

Human Writes: Bullying CAN be curbed and contained

Some countries are actually doing this, according to a UN report.

Wellness 03 Jul 2017 | 6:06 AM

10 things you must ask your doctor on your next visit

Things you may not know to ask your doctor when you visit the clinic, but really should.

Children 07 Jul 2017 | 6:00 AM

Should your kids be screened for obesity?

Here’s why experts say all children aged six and up should be screened for obesity.

Children 11 Jul 2017 | 5:36 AM

When should a child get his/her first smartphone?

Experts say it is not necessarily good for a primary school-going child to have a smartphone. Here are some reasons for the concern.

Family 14 Jul 2017 | 6:01 AM

The Mak Minah Project helps homeless families by giving them loans to set up homes

This NGO lends families the rental deposit they need so they can get off the streets.

Children 15 Jul 2017 | 6:01 AM

Set up a firewall against cyberbullying

THE advent of affordable computers and easy access to the internet has made us more dependent on them. Today, one does not even need a computer to access the internet as other devices (e.g. tablets, smartphones, even printers!) are capable of doing so.

Children 26 Jul 2017 | 6:01 AM

How can you tell if your child has depression?

Think only adults get depressed? Well, children can suffer from depression too.

Family 30 Jul 2017 | 6:07 AM

Dear Thelma: After he cheated on me our relationship fell apart

Her long-term relationship is falling apart. It started with him cheating on her and now she is just bored with the relationship. What should she do next?