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Avid angler explains how microfishing targets the smallest fish

Some anglers aim to catch the largest fish around but others get a kick out of seeking and bringing in the littlest fishes, some no larger than one joint of their finger.


Mass industrial crops are killing off local plants and food diversity

Agrobiodiversity should be preserved against the global spread of cheap, low-quality genetically uniform industrial foods. This has benefits for nutrition, health, the environment, and maintains variety in taste and flavours.


‘Black Panther’ takes on New York Fashion Week

Inspired by superhero blockbuster 'Black Panther', afrofuturism makes its way to the 2018 Autumn/Winter New York Fashion Week.


Are our cities ready to face challenges from urbanisation and climate change?

Preparing cities to face internal and external challenges is what 100 Resilient Cities is all about.

Asia & Oceania

Fun family adventures during Chinese New Year

For some, getting together during the festive season means packing their bags and going away for a family holiday.


Samsudin Wahab salutes the nation's resilient, hard-working farmers

Acclaimed contemporary artist Samsudin Wahab’s multi-part installation 'Wira Bangsa', concerning the struggles of local farmers, gets a showing in KL.


Tackling nutrition issues in Malaysia

Nutrition Society of Malaysia mobilises multiple stakeholders in tackling the complex, multi-factorial nature of non-communicable diseases.


Youthful aspirations: Dawn of a new tech age

In 2018, tech will zero in on industrial transformation, while blockchain will continue to dominate discussion.


Tips on how to select and store fresh foods properly

It is recommended to include as much fresh foods in our diet as possible, but we need to do so in a safe manner.


Marriage may keep you from losing your mind: New study

The risk of dementia is lower for married people than for adults who remained single their entire lives, according to a new study.