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Celebrate the brilliance of Hong Kong films...

.... by dressing up as your favourite character. Or you can just watch some awesome Hong Kong films on TV.

Food News

Introducing a new three-in-one, idiot-proof oven

This smart cook(ie) of an oven works on auto. Sort of.


Smart TV: 'The globby mooper is no longer connected to a flangoid device'

The smart TV opens up a whole new world of entertainment.

Asia & Oceania

An urbanist's tour of the city of Seoul

Which of Seoul’s two new projects is the truer picture of what lies ahead for cities?


Eco tour guide Yen Khang Ling goes where his heart leads him

Having cheated death nine times, Yen Khang Ling is happy with life's simple pleasures.


Brompton bicycle cult

The iPhone of folding bikes?


Not so smart but oh so simple: Old handphones make a vintage comeback

They fit in a pocket, have batteries that last all week and are almost indestructible: old-school Nokias, Ericssons and Motorolas are making a comeback as consumers, tired of fragile and overly-wired smartphones, go retro.


Malaysia's highway R&Rs: Come, weary traveller, rest awhile

More than temporary pit stops, R&Rs are also part and parcel of the Malaysian highway experience and a boost for sleepy and hungry travellers.


British scientists' bid to lead graphene industry starts with your sex life

It’s mega strong, ultra light and super stretchy, and if things work out, a wonder material discovered in Britain could change many aspects of human existence – starting with peoples’ sex lives.

Asia & Oceania

10 best things to do in Seoul

All the best the happening South Korean capital has to offer as recommended by Seoul’s locals.