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Together in mind and body

Today is World Mental Health Day. The theme this year is 'The Relationship between Physical and Mental Health: Co-occurring Disorders', an issue that needs to be addressed because of the tendency by healthcare providers to separate mental health.


Coenzyme Q10 and the heart

The heart is essentially a muscle that contains millions of cells that produce energy for the heart to pump blood throughout the body. It has its own electrical system that allows it to beat in an efficient manner. There are valves that help the blood flow in the right direction. Coronary arteries carry blood that provides the heart with adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients to perform its job.


A return to nature

Why not get away for a short break in the country this weekend? LEE SIEW PENG escapes to Benta for some good ol' kampung living.

AseanPlus News

Success in multiple organ transplants

China recently recorded a successful simultaneous liver, pancreas and kidney transplant, reportedly the first of its kind in Asia.


One bypass too many?



Cancer-stricken former journalist seeks government help

Former journalist Farid Jamaluddin, who has been suffering from lung cancer since last year, has almost exhausted his Employees Provident Fund savings on his medical bills.


The best for the fest

To the uninitiated, truffles mean chocolate dessert and Jerusalem artichoke is probably another destination in Israel. I>Au contraire!/ITruffles are members of the genera I>Tuber/Iand I>Terfezia/I>, which are rare kinds of mushroom - and therefore very expensive.


Good eating habits

I>Food for Preschool Children/Iby Dr. Gwen Smith has considered food taboos that exist in our society and offers a balanced alternative that is appropriate for the child's health. RUTH LIEW recommends it.


Celebrating women's health

The first weekend of October heralds the country#8217;s first Wanita Health and Lifestyle 2004 (WHL), an expo organised by the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development.


Cancer screening poser

The National Cancer Society of Malaysia#8217;s awareness programme continues with this true account of one person#8217;s encounter with tumour markers.