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Pining for pineapple

Pineapple in Hokkien is I>ong lai /I>which signifiesI/I>prosperity. Pineapple tarts have become a popular cookie served during Chinese New Year to symbolise prosperity.

Risky strokes

More people now recognise a stroke and are prepared to act. But people still are not very knowledgeable about the risk factors that can lead to a stroke.

Supplement questions

With the shift in nutrition pattern towards one of unhealthy excess, the role of supplements in maintaining health is becoming more prominent.

For adults only

In the quest to keep them healthy, many adults are mistakenly putting young children on low fat and sugar diets, which are more suited to adults, and could cause problems, writes REKHA NAIDU

Keeping weight off

Shedding those extra kilos is a struggle, bit even more diffcult is keeping them off. Now, researches are learning what it takes to maintain long-term weight loss, writes CARIN GORRELL.

Lingzhi – wonder mushroom

In traditional Chinese medicine, an odd looking woody mushroom (I>Ganoderma lucidum/I>) has a reputation as a panacea matched only by ginseng. This mushroom has been linked with life-giving and prolonging properties. It is praised as the 'Grass from Heaven' and has been proven clinically to prevent and cure diseases, and possibly, even help extend life.

Managing weighty goals

HOOI YOU CHING finds out why you should lose weight and explores some of the problems inherent in any weight loss attempt.

A people's man

Being a politician, the Tunku also had many enemies and some of them happened to be his close associates. It is just human nature that no matter how good, kind or generous one is, one is not free from Brutus.

Drinks in packets resembling pipes irk CAP

The sale of soft drinks in packets resembling smoking pipes in school canteens have irked the Consumer Association of Penang (CAP), reported I>Malaysia Nanban/Iand I>Tamil Nesan/Iyesterday.

46 estate workers lose jobs and quarters

Excerpts from the Tamil dailies.