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Children don't need more sugar

By Rekha Naidu.

Washing your kidneys at home

Daily dialysis patients spend half as much time in the hospital and have fewer treatment-related symptoms,writes LINDA MARSA.

Ozone in the body

Treating blood with ozone may seem a rather strange practice, but as PHILIP GOLINGAI finds out, there is a science behind this unique form of therapy.

Food trivia

SHELDON MARGEN and DALE A. OGAR sift through useful nutrition facts that come in quite handy in preparing or eating food.

A lot of buzzing over honey

HONEY, the best-known bee product, has been valued by humans throughout history. But only recently has interest grown in another bee product, royal jelly.

The new pyramid

An article that was recently published in the journal I>Scientific American/Iis turning mainstream dietary beliefs upside down.

Restless legs syndrome

THEY roam the night, desperate for relief from a condition no one really understands. Neither vampires nor insomniacs, these driven individuals #8211; and there are millions, many of them elderly #8211; suffer from Restless Legs Syndrome, a debilitating nocturnal neurological disorder that compels those afflicted to leave their beds and pace until the symptoms subside.

Teeth-stroke connection

DENTISTS often warn patients that inadequate toothbrushing and flossing habits could lead to gum disease and tooth loss. Now a study by Harvard University researchers suggests that losing your teeth also might heighten your risk of suffering a stroke.

Guide to exercises that heal

CAROL KRUCOFF helps you fill these exercise prescriptions at the gym, outdoors or anywhere you can move.

Shoring up your health

LAI CHOON MEI offers suggestions on how to help our stressed out bodies with supplements.