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This one mostly works

A handy medical reference book which will make an essential addition to the home medical library.


Leow just plays it his way

THE economic recession of the 1980s was a vital turning point in Alex Leow's life. Hoping to make money in the insurance business, he had quit his job as a sales assistant with music equipment company Yamaha in 1984 to concentrate on selling policies.


What to expect

BLOOD and other tests can often be a terrifying experience, especially if you#8217;re afraid of sharp objects in general. There have been instances of patients fainting at the mere sight of a needle. Strange, but true.


Therapeutic massage, Thai style

Massage is increasingly becoming an important adjunct to health and fitness. MAJORIE CHIEW checks out the ancient art of Thai massage.


Espresso! My espresso!

Forget about pushing a button and coffee coming out. This is coffee-making as ritual.


When taekwando meets 'aikijujitsu'

Malaysians are getting a kick out of 'hapkido', a little-known martial art that combines Korean taekwondo and Japanese 'aikijujitsu'. Just the thing for women who want to pick up self-defence skill.


A fasting retreat in the mountains

In a lofty apartment that opens out to the cool mountain breeze and overlooks the Klang Valley, guests are being led every weekend on a journey to cleanse the body, mind and spirit.


Custom-made implants

THE technique of using prostheses to replace parts of the human body has been around for a while. With the successful use of implants for knee and hip replacements, interest has now inevitably shifted to the use of artificial discs to replace damaged intervertebral discs.


New lease of life

Retired teacher S. Neelam shares her experience of being the first person in the country to undergo total disc replacement surgery in Putrajaya Hospital last August. The procedure was pioneered by clinical orthopaedic surgeon Dr K. Selva Kumar. The following day, R. Rameshvaran, a golf tourney promoter, underwent a similar operaton. Here are their accounts.


New disc for old

Degenerative disc disease or what is commonly termed as #8216;slipped disc#8217; can bring about chronic pain which diminishes the quality of life. Here#8217;s the good news: a revolutionary new procedure which replaces worn discs in the lumbar spine with state-of-the-art cobalt chromium implants is now available locally. The new technique, known as total disc replacement, promises to put the spring back into your step within a matter of days.