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Global warming reshapes almanac for tea growers in China's Yunnan

NANNUOSHAN, China (Reuters) - Que Liu and his wife Si En spend their mornings picking pu'er leaves in an ancient tea garden in a forest not far from their hillside village, one of many that dot the subtropical highlands of southwest China.

El Nino drought spreads to seven provinces

JAKARTA: With thousands of villages suffering from drought as Indonesia faces an intense dry season this year because of the El Niٌo weather phenomenon, experts have called on the government to take long-term preventive action by making the most use of rainwater.

Prayut suffers a ‘senior moment’ in parliament

Bangkok: Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha suffered an embarrassing loss of memory as he addressed parliament on the second day of a special two-day session to scrutinise his new government’s policies.

Water crisis – the price of populism

MALAYSIA’S water industry is in “dire straits” says the Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister.

Is profit more important than water sources?

From KAMAL GEHI of Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Human Writes: Hazy skies again, business as usual too

There hasn’t been much progress made on defeating the annual hazy air that envelops this part of the world since our columnist began reporting on the issue in the 1990s.

Close encounters with beautiful birds in India

While on pilgrimage in India, the writer and his wife also came across many varieties of beautiful birds.

Urban pet owners are laying big bucks for designer chicken coops

Los Angeles, California, is obsessed with design and indoor-outdoor living, so it makes sense that these US homesteaders want to house their fowl pets in high-style comfort.