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No time for texts? Get this reading superpower app

A new reading app will help you finish 5,000 pages of the Games Of Thrones book series in a matter of days. Knowing what you just read, however, is a different matter.


Snail venom for pain

AN experimental drug made from snail venom has shown early signs of promise in numbing pain, raising hopes in the hunt for new, non-addictive medications, say researchers.


Movies coming soon: Anime buffet

Three feature films for anime fans.


Hi-tech isn't complicated, it's child's play

A study shows young kids have a real knack for figuring out how gadgets work.


Travel back in time to walk with dinosaurs

Dinosaurs: Dawn To Extinction affords visitors an interactive and informative prehistoric adventure.


Cut down on caffeine with Up Coffee

New app lets you see your caffeine level throughout the day.


When the going gets tough, less is more

Something’s gotta give as the cost of living goes up. You have to make sacrifices to your lifestyle or savings will take a dent.


Idol adds more voting channels

Fans of the reality show in the US can now vote online via Google and check live stats on Facebook.


Virtual doctor is coming, says writer Robin Cook

The best-selling physician-author has predicted a future where patients will be able to have more access to care and more control over their treatment.


Take a breather

Stress has many side effects and many forms, but other than the adrenaline to lift small cars off baby carriages, the consequences are generally not good. On the other hand, meditation also has many side effects, namely reducing stress.