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Tesla crash raises concerns about autonomous vehicle regulation

The fatal crash of a Tesla Motors Inc Model S in Autopilot mode has turned up pressure on auto industry executives and regulators to ensure that automated driving technology is deployed safely.


Ethics dilemmas may hold back autonomous cars: study

If it has to make a choice, will your autonomous car kill you or pedestrians on the street?


Tesla rival Faraday approved to test self-driving cars on California roads

Faraday Future plans to begin testing prototype self-driving electric vehicles on California roads later this year after winning approval from the state, an industry source said.


US seeks to clear the air for 5G wireless

US airwaves should get ready soon for 5G wireless, the promising next generation of mobile networks that will help connect a myriad of devices, a top telecom regulator said.


Olli, a 3D printed, self-driving minibus, to hit the road in US

A new maker of self-driving vehicles burst onto the scene in partnership with IBM’s supercomputer platform Watson, and it’s ready to roll right now.


GM’s Canada labs to develop self-driving car technology

General Motors announced plans to hire 1,000 engineers and software developers at its Canadian research facilities near Toronto over the coming years to design new self-driving cars.


Self-driving cars will hit 21 million sales by 2035

The move to autonomous motoring is motoring along much more quickly than previously thought.


Why your next car will be able to park itself on your driveway

The latest BMW 7 Series and the new Mercedes E Class may be able to lord it over other luxury car owners due to the fact that they can park themselves with nothing more than a tap on a smartphone or smartkey screen.


GM CEO says keep steering wheels, brake pedals in self-driving cars

General Motors Co chief executive Mary Barra said she believes self-driving vehicles should keep steering wheels, brake pedals and accelerators in them as the technology develops.


BMW revamps 'i' electric car division to focus on self-driving tech

BMW has transformed its "i" division into a development centre for self-driving cars, a board member told Reuters, a major strategic shift for the unit previously focused on making a family of lightweight electric vehicles.