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Some Internet porn sites in China now accessible

BEIJING: Word leaked out slowly, spread by Web-savvy folks on Twitter: Internet porn that once was blocked by Chinese government censors was now openly available.


Tackling short and long-term challenges

IT is three months away from our annual budget season. The details are naturally work in progress but at this juncture, no one seems to be expecting any major surprises from the package.


Your 10 Questions

Mida chairman Tan Sri Sulaiman Mahbob fields the 10 questions posed by our readers.


Importance of Equator Principles in banking

THE Equator Principles (EPs) is growing in importance in the global banking arena as financiers realise that minimising environmental and social risks will contribute towards business sustainability.


Enhancing social, environmental standards in lending practices

KUALA LUMPUR: Bank Negara is looking at the enhancement of social and environmental standards in lending practices of banking institutions, some of which already have in place fairly rigorous internal best practices.


Many wired Chinese unfazed at possible Google exit

BEIJING (AP): A world without Google? They can imagine it just fine in China. After all, it's not like losing World of Warcraft.


A game that teaches how a good city can be developed

IN this age of high-tech computer games that require the latest soundcards and faster computers, it is refreshing to go back to games that force one to think rather than just pound away at the keyboard. And I am not talking about chess.


Grameen shows poorest of poor can be creditworthy

BANGKOK (AP): The global financial crisis has highlighted a curious success story: A bank that doles out loans to some of the world's poorest, least-creditworthy people continues to have a payback rate of nearly 100 percent.


Appeal of Islamic banking

Foreign banks in Malaysia are developing innovative products and services to tap the growing market.