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Sexual allegations against Aziz Ansari: Misconduct or a case of bad date?

The claims against Aziz Ansari have sparked a debate in social media about whether the experience described in the story crosses the line into misconduct or would be more accurately described as a bad date.


Keep mountain bikes out of wilderness areas

A proposed ruling to open up national wilderness areas in the US to mountain bikers may not be a good idea.


Seoul demolished a highway to revive a stream. Why?

The Cheonggye stream restoration project in Seoul holds lessons for Malaysia as we embark on our own River of Life project.


Zion Canyon Scenic Drive in winter is great! Just don't fall to your death

Winter's a special time to visit Zion National Park in Utah. Snow-covered vistas, fewer people, etc. What's not to like? Maybe plunging to your death.


8 ways women and men are wired differently when it comes to sex

Women have needs, too, but sex is about more than just the physical act. Here are the scales of sexual desire and emotional intimacy in a lady.


Doctors in the US are prescribing park visits to city kids

Paediatricians say it is an antidote to children with nature-deficient disorder.


Senior citizens in the US relive their prom memories

A retirement home threw a prom for its citizens, with music from different eras.


The Ilham Contemporary Forum (Malaysia 2009-2017) is a project to explore Malaysian art and culture

Ilham Contemporary Forum gives a voice to young and diverse curators on issues surrounding modern Malaysian art and culture.


5 geeky things from the Disney expo that got us squealing

Disney brought out the big guns at its D23 Expo last weekend.


The group that cycles together stays together

No matter what type of riding you enjoy, chances are, there’s a group that suits you.