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Grapes don't grow on trees

I HAVE heard of lemon trees and durian trees, but to say that the grape plant is a tree (I>Star Metro/I>, March 3) is botanically incorrect. A grape vine will be more acceptable.


Benefits of soups

Is soup nutritious? Chinese mothers are always telling their children who are in a hurry to go to work to sip some soup, which has been boiled for hours, to replenish their energy.


Batty about beans

Self-confessed beanie EMILY GREEN tells of how she used to hate the colourful little legumes until she discovered that cooking #8217;em right makes all the difference.


Sunset of the ZiL?

Once the proud conveyance of the Soviet elite and the epitome of socialist zeal and technical prowess, the legendary US$300,000 (RM1.14mil) ZiL limousine is now fighting for its life in the capitalist era into which Russia has entered.


Going with the flow

DR ONG HEAN-TATT claims that the principles of the ancient Water Dragon Classic can be explained by modern science.


Fly versus fly

Way down in Mexico, a grisly factory breeds livestock-and-man-eating flies, sterilises them and uses them to breed with fertile ones in the wild. ELIZABETH FULLERTON writes about something you don#8217;t want to read just before or after lunch.


Bringing life back to a recreation park

In conjunction with the United Nations International Year of Freshwater and World Water Day on March 22, HILARY CHIEW checks out an innovative restoration project #8211; the Kelana Jaya lakes rehabilitation project.


Your one-stop DIY store

Ace Hardware store is now in MidValley Megamall.


Selling the US to the Muslim world

War has started and it is expected to deepen the chasm between the United States and the Muslim world. But not too long ago, the American Government ran an ad campaign to show that American Muslims are a happy and diverse lot and it is not against Islam.MARTIN VENGADESH finds out what that was all about.


Add this to your food guide

A recent study is providing important supplemental information to the Food Guide Pyramid daily nutrition recommendations, which were developed by The US Department of Agriculture and the US Department of Health and Human Services.