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US First Lady convening tech companies to tackle cyberbullying

First lady Melania Trump is bringing together tech giants to talk about ways to fight cyberbullying and promote internet safety.


Japan’s ‘Insta-gran’ finds fame with wacky selfies

A madcap Japanese great-grandmother armed with a camera and an appetite for mischief has shot to fame for taking side-splitting selfies – many of which appear to put her in harm’s way.


Uber pushed the limits of the law. Now comes the reckoning

Shortly after taking over Uber Technologies Inc in September, Dara Khosrowshahi told employees to brace for a painful six months. US officials are looking into possible bribes, illicit software, questionable pricing schemes and theft of a competitor’s intellectual property.


The last days of a ‘village’ in China’s Silicon Valley

Surrounded by the sleek hi-tech campuses and luxury condominiums of “Beijing’s Silicon Valley”, migrants from the countryside recreate village life, cooking in outdoor communal areas, playing cards and showering in the street.


Japan trials driverless cars in bid to keep rural elderly on the move

Japan is starting to experiment with self-driving buses in rural communities such as Nishikata, 115 km north of Tokyo, where elderly residents struggle with fewer bus and taxi services as the population ages and shrinks.


Facebook explains what happens to your account when you die

Sharing our thoughts and photos on social media sites has become a daily part of our lives, but what happens to your Facebook account when you die?


Social media’s latest trend – breakup posts

More and more couples are going online to share news about their breakups.


Historic British hangings? There’s an app for that

Academics from Bristol in southwest England have developed a mobile phone app that alerts walkers when they pass some of the goriest sites from the region's history.


Give InKind helps people lend a hand to loved ones

In 2013, Laura Malcolm's home was filling up with flower bouquets sent from friends and family across the country after the stillbirth of her daughter.


Tech-addicted parents to kids: Don’t do as I do

They limit their kids' screen time, set filters on their browsers and banish digital devices from the dinner table. Then those same parents pick up their own iPhones to check e-mail, scan Twitter and update their Facebook statuses.