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How to improve your metabolism after hitting 40

Your best bet to keeping your out-of-control metabolism in check doesn’t really involve a miracle cure, but practical lifestyle changes instead.


IBD can be difficult to diagnose due to vague symptoms

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is an autoimmune condition that affects the gut, producing symptoms that are similar to many other gut conditions.

Food News

Malaysian ice cream producers gain popularity for local flavours

Malaysian ice cream producers like Pun's Ice Cream, Minus 4 Degrees and Eat Calli are gaining traction for catering to local tastes with coconut, durian and Haw flakes ice cream.


When women and men have too much oestrogen

Although oestrogen is considered a female hormone, both men and women produce it, and too much of it can cause health problems for both sexes.


The danger of non-communicable diseases in pregnancy

There are an increasing number of women getting pregnant with pre-existing non-communicable diseases, which can result in pregnancy complications.


Failure and cheats did not stop this Malaysian entrepreneur

A mass communication graduate leap over many hurdles before achieving success


When taking vitamin supplements can be deadly

While we probably think there's no harm in taking as many vitamins as possible, this study finds that overdosing on some supplements can increase your risk of death.


When your thyroid gland goes into overdrive

Hyperthyroidism is when your thyroid gland produces too many thyroid hormones, and it is a condition that often goes untreated and misdiagnosed, leading to more serious issues.


Check your gestation hormone

The female hormone progesterone plays several key roles in a woman’s anatomy.


Could your child be lactose intolerant?

If your child has problems like wind or diarrhoea after drinking milk, they might be having lactose intolerance. Fortunately, this can be handled easily with just a few precautions and alternative food options.