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Samsung Masterpieces challenges Malaysian artists to push boundaries

Digital art exhibition showcases stunning artworks by prominent and emerging Malaysian artists.


No 3D for kids under 6

A health watchdog recommends kids under six be denied access to 3D films, computers and video games, and that those under 13 have limited access. Good luck telling them.


Capital FM giveaways - tune in to find out more

Capital FM is giving away tickets to mystery thriller 'Before I Go To Sleep'.


1 Murid, 1 Chromebook project helps bridge digital divide

Students from SJK (C) Keng Chee in Pulau Ketam, Selangor can now access the Internet in school and at home.


Raising awareness on children's rights through photography

The 25th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is coming up. Has anything changed in Malaysia?


Is your phone too big? Just slip on this silicon thumb!

As smartphone screens grow in size, so too must our thumbs. But until humans start mutating super-thumbs, this gizmo from Japan is the next best thing!


Bad Apple? Bendgate, iOS8 and other hiccups

From phones getting bent to services being dropped, Apple’s less than perfect 2014 roll-out suggests that perhaps someone forgot to do their homework.


'But is it stylo?' Apple Watch divides fashionistas

Apple Inc’s newly unveiled smartwatch splits the fashion world, which may prove pivotal to its broad acceptance.


Joan Rivers and her many jokes

The comedian was best known for her no-holds-barred attitude and of course, her many, many jokes.


Hong Kong delights on Astro

Celestial Movies channel celebrates a whole month of Hong Kong movies.