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5 spectacular FIFA World Cup host cities in Russia to visit

Catching the 2018 Fifa World Cup at your favourite mamak is fun, but how about travelling to some of the host cities in Russia to see the matches live and do some sightseeing along the way?


Where to go, what to do in Barcelona if you only have one day

Check out some of the places of interest to visit if you only have one day to spend in the Spanish city of Barcelona.


Daniel Craig returns in 25th James Bond film directed by Danny Boyle

Daniel Craig is back as James Bond, the film's producers confirmed, in a Danny Boyle-directed movie due for release in 2019.


Aussie athlete Courtney Atkinson's excellent Queensland adventure

Australian athlete Courtney Atkinson’s life revolves around elite sport and travel. As this story was being written, he was showing visitors all the adventure and adrenaline experiences they can do in his home state of Queensland.

Life Inspired

Travel adventure for millionaires includes RM2.2 million trip to space

From a space flight that takes you to Earth's middle atmosphere to a bobsledding experience with an Olympic medallist, here's a list of the most extravagant trips in the world.


When oxygen-sensing genes go wrong

There are six key genes in our body that help control the factors needed to get oxygen to our cells, and there are various consequences when one or more of them mutates.


Contradictheory: Where's our movie to show us the best Malaysia we can be?

If 'Black Panther' showcases Africa's potential, where is the Malaysian movie to show us the best that we can be? 'Contradictheory' columnist Dzof Azmi wonders if 'Ola Bola' could be it.


'OlaBola The Musical' is truly a theatrical splendour

'OlaBola The Musical' sets a new standard in local production. It is a feel-good musical with a patriotic twist! It is a must-watch musical for all Malaysians.


Oscars spreads awards love to 'The Shape Of Water', tackles #MeToo scandal

'The Shape Of Water', 'Dunkirk' are big winners at the 90th Academy Awards, the final glitzy ceremony to cap off a tumultuous awards season.


Contradictheory: Olympics, doping and institutional corruption

When it’s the system that’s corrupt, you have to do more than go after individuals taking advantage of the lack of policing. It’s the system that needs to be hauled up.