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California taps war-zone DNA specialists after wildfire

(Reuters) - Paradise looked like a war zone when authorities decided to turn to a team of combat-trained DNA specialists to quickly identify human remains believed to be in the charred ruins left after a wildfire incinerated the northern California town.


Scientists to swap dusty old kilogram for something more stable

LONDON, (Reuters) - After years of nursing a sometimes dusty cylinder of metal in a vault outside Paris as the global reference for modern mass, scientists are updating the definition of the kilogram.

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How Chinese scientists use sperm whales to run secret messages for the military

New use of camouflage technique hides communication in the sound pulses that sperm whales emit Breakthrough could help China’s submarines avoid detection

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Japan’s ‘usho’ keep ancient art alive

GIFU (Japan): In the pitch black night, fires burn alongside a river in Japan’s Gifu as a handful of men prepare for a ritual that dates back over 1,300 years: fishing with cormorants.


Only RM25,000 per transaction soon

PETALING JAYA: In tightening the loopholes for money laundering and corruption, Bank Negara has slashed the maximum amount of cash that can be transacted through financial institutions by 50%.

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Chinese martial artists take on the bovines in a battle of courage

Jiaxing: When 21-year-old Chi­nese martial artist Li Zhen first stepped into the ring to wrestle an adult bull he was naturally intimidated.


Sarawak songket gaining good reputation

KUCHING: The states of Terengganu, Kelantan and Pahang have always been known to produce the best songket fabric, but many are not aware that Sarawak songket is also gaining reputation in the handicraft trade.


Admiral: Paskal instils patriotism

KOTA BARU: Paskal the Movie, the first Malaysian film to highlight an elite force of the navy, has become the pride of the nation, says Navy chief Admiral Tan Sri Ahmad Kamarulzaman Ahmad Badaruddin.


New Delhi half-marathon tries radio waves to beat city's toxic smog

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - New Delhi's half-marathon race used ultra high frequency (UHF) radio waves to clear the air for the runners on Sunday, an experimental technique the organisers hope could improve the city's notorious air quality.


Staying ahead of the learning curve

The brain-based approach includes any teaching technique or strategy that utilises information about how the brain works and stores information.