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Want to lose weight?

Of non-invasive weight and fat loss methods.


Keeping patients safe: Guidelines for healthcare institutions

We assume that healthcare institutions have their patients’ best interests at heart; here are some of the guidelines and laws that back that assumption up.


An itch during vacation: Keeping eczema at bay

You may not totally stop eczema flare-ups from occurring during vacations, but you can certainly reduce their frequency.


Not Impossible, the group that tackles physical limitations

With ingenuity and a 3D printer, Not Impossible has changed the life of a Sudanese boy whose arms were blown off during an airstrike.


Walking can help creative thinking, not just fitness

Study shows a walk around the park can boost mental fitness.


Be aware of MERS

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus is different from the virus that caused the worldwide outbreak of SARS in 2003, but they share some similarities.


If feet could talk

Located at the extremities, the feet hold many secrets to the condition of our health. Are we paying attention to them?


Genetic lab yacht embarks on quest to find miracle cures in marine life DNA

A team of scientists has begun collecting the genomes of sea creatures off the Florida coast in the hopes that unmapped species, some of which have the capacity to reverse disease and injury in themselves, may hold the key to new treatments for humans.


'Smog buried my marriage': Beijing man divorces wife because of pollution

What’s smog got to do with it? A Beijing man says it drove his wife and son away, literally – and now, because of it, he’s filing for divorce.


Reading and sleeping are keys to keeping mentally fit among seniors

Study finds those aged 65 and older have sharper minds when they get at least seven hours of sleep and read a lot.